Jay Whitecotton

Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Jay Whitecotton

Jay Whitecotton is the product of a paranoid schizophrenic mother who thought aliens came down with British royalty to impregnate her, a manic depressive alcoholic father who would beat him in the middle of the night, and a brother who spent most of his life in jail possibly because Mom made him shoot a guy over a bad crack deal. BANANAS!

He survived 5 years of homelessness as a failed musician, overcome many bad relationships, and finally found himself at home performing his first love, Stand Up Comedy.

In 2012, Jay was voted Reader’s Choice Best Local Comedian by the San Antonio Current, moved to Austin, TX and began working every stage he could a night. He’s been featured at many festivals including Funny or Die’s Oddball Festival, The Limestone Comedy Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Hell Yes! Comedy Fest, The Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and Punk Rock & Bowling Festival Las Vegas.

Jay's debut album "Hi, Lonesome!" is available through SURE THING Records.