Kat Ramzinski - Live Recording!!!

Fri, Jul 26, 2024
Sat, Jul 27, 2024

Kat Ramzinski - Live Recording!!!

Kat Ramzinski is a Stand Up Comic, Writer, and Musician from Austin, TX, best known for her story-telling abilities and that time she was stabbed. While telling jokes has been her favorite thing besides eggs, wrestling, and Dateline for over 15 years, she’s also carved out a niche in the nerd rap game as Versace Kolache, with her AI comedy rap battle parodies for Chickbait garnering her over 20 Million views on Youtube! Take that family!

Kat’s standup and musical comedy has been showcased on NBC’s “First Look”, the comedy docuseries “Cracking Up” on the Mental Health Channel, and the PBS show “Stand Up Empire.” Kat has appeared in films like “Pictures of Superheroes,” the Virtual Reality short “The Superlative Light”, and the voice of Sherry on the hit Rooster Teeth series “Red Vs. Blue”. She’s been featured on The Moontower Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Festival, End of the Earth Fest, Skankfest, and Rob Van Dam’s “Whole F’n Comedy Tour”.

In 2021, Kat was chosen as the Winner of Audible’s Tall Tales of Comedy at Caroline’s on Broadway, and She’s been featured on podcasts like YMH (as Versace Kolache), Risk!, Keith and the Girl, and The HoneyDew. Whether she’s tearing apart a criminal case on her youtube channel, or Roast Battling some Jabroni with half a sack, she's going to keep you entertained and most importantly, LAUGHING!

Join Kat with her friends Lemaire Lee (Anime Mark Henry) and Dean Allen Stanfield (Always Truckin’), for her live-album recording, and while you’re there, come take a swing at her! Bring a fightin’ stick! I don’t give a shit, just tell your friends!